Jonathan Allen is strongly influenced by the community, culture and sounds of their hometown and places they have been, plus things they have seen and experienced. Even as a youngster, they were drawn to music. They truly understand the power of sound and try to perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum.

Jonathan Allen burst onto the scenes when they auditioned for America's Got Talent Season 13. They were quickly identified as a fan favorite by the judges when their ability to captivate the audience with the power and tenderness of their voice was put on full display at the live rounds in Radio City Music Hall.

Performing so well that Heidi Klum jumped on stage and hugged them for a job well done.

Since the show their signature style is instantly recognizable and is becoming a sound that others are beginning to emulate. With their name becoming increasingly heard on a national stage, their career is at an important crossroads that could see them on the international charts.

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